Belstaff later expanded their product

Belstaff has a rich and unique history that started in 1924, the year it was founded by Harry Grosberg and Eli Belovitch, his father-in law. The founders decided to open up shop in their hometown of Longton, England. Their mission was to make quality garments and outerwear that were waterproof, durable, and breathable. How did Harry Grosberg and Eli Belovitch come up with the name Belstaff, you might wonder? They took the first syllable of Eli’s last name and fused it with the county their new company was based, Staffordshire.

During Belstaff’s early years, the company became a pioneer for being the first to use a fabric that was totally waterproof and breathable: Egyptian Waxed Cotton. This fabric would form the base of many Belstaff products, including their line of legendary jackets, and was made by using natural oils to treat the Egyptian cotton.

Belstaff later expanded their product line to appeal to a broader array of customers in addition to motorcyclists, and began manufacturing clothing and outerwear for aviators, the military, and outdoor adventurers. Like their earlier products for motorcyclists, Belstaff continued to design clothing and outwear that would protect those wearing them.

All these new products and gear helped to establish Belstaff as one of the leading companies that made protective and durable clothing and apparel. In 1948, the Trialmaster jacket was introduced by Belstaff, a huge milestone in the world of motorcycling and protective clothing. The Trialmaster jacket is without question Belstaff’s most iconic and popular jackets, and has been worn by many famous people. Sammy Miller, a champion racer, has worn the Trialmaster jacket.